To create a thorough comparison of the world’s countries in their attractiveness as export markets, we gathered a broad range of data, including demographics, economic indicators, actual cost estimates, service penetration and access rates, and assessments performed by other scholars.

Based on our analysis of external literature and the key drivers of export success, we eventually narrowed these factors down to the following essential group of factors: population, GDP per capita, GDP growth (% and absolute), cost estimate to export, price level, Ease of Doing Business, Index of Economic Freedom score, trade agreements, internet penetration (% and absolute), Facebook penetration (% and absolute), Google market share, access to Paypal, and access to USPS, FedEx and UPS.

Scores for each factor were weighted and calculated, based on relative importance and degrees of differentiation. Countries with populations of less than 300,000 were excluded due to limited export value and the potential to skew rankings. Final scores were aggregated from the aforementioned factors, reflecting a balanced scorecard that encompasses the most important elements in the ease and attractiveness of exporting goods.